The Top Ten Best Vampire Books

1. Against This Vast Army: Book I of the Hand of God Series by Mark Allyn Stewart. – Modern – Taking the war between Heaven and Hell to the Vampire realm. Asking the question, what would the Church do in such a war and who would they send to fight?

2. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. – Fiction – Anne Rice books have rapidly become a standard for the Vampire realm since her books hit the shelves. Anne Rice paints pictures of evocative and erotic Vampires, appealing to the inward passions of her readers.

3.Twilight (saga) by Stephenie Meyer – Teen/Youth Fiction – Turned into a motion film in 2008, it has the youth worked into a frenzy about a particular Vampires role in the life of a young girl. This book reaches out and gives the young generation a fantasy of what it would be like to actually encounter a rogue Vampire in this modern age.

4. Blade by David S. Goyer – Sci-Fi – Here is a ground breaking hit. This “book” is actually a novelization of the screenplay. It is a modern story about a “Day Walker” half man half Vampire.

5. Ultraviolet by Yvonne Navarro – Sci-Fi – Also a modern novelization of an immortal woman. Good sci-fi action.

6. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – Horror – What doesn’t Stephen king do that isn’t worthwhile? A fantastic read.

7. The Lost Boys by Craig Shaw Gardner – Sci-Fi – Telling the story of a group of hell raiser Vampire teens, initiating a local boy into their group. A movie novelization

8. The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon – Fiction – This story is fantastic as it entices the characters to see a “real” vampire in a traveling show. Making it of course a curious event.

9. Blood: Last Vampire by Kadokawa Shoten Publishers – Anime Fiction – A hit Anime fiction series tunred into hit Anime books. The story revolves around a secret society girl, hell bent on her demon hunting missions.

10. Dracula by Bram Stoker – Classic – A timeless Vampire Classic. Intorucing the first novel where readers encounter a Vampire. Is this book fiction? Or was it written off of the real fears by locals of the time?

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