The Top Ten Hottest Vampire Babes

10. Winona Ryder – Starred in Dracula, with her red hot looks she made the movie distracting and it was her looks causing the chills rather than the story line.

9. Aaliyah – Starred in Queen of the Dammed, she is the mother of all vampires; her looks took the viewers breath away. She looked stunning in her Cleopatra like looks for the movie.

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar – She’s Buffy, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, killing vampires and looking good doing it. She has various sexy scenes in the show, no wonder for her huge fan base.

7. Jessica Biel – Starred in Blade Trinity, she’s a vampire helping Blade as they battle Dracula. Anyone who’s seen her rear knows she belongs in the list!

6. Kate Beckinsale Starred in the Underworld series, she is a vampire warrior no wait, she is a hot vampire warrior. Her stunning beauty left audiences dazzled.

5. Carolyn Jones – Starred in the Addams Family, she was the one good looking thing on the screen in the hit show, a vampire legend, she played the role perfect.

4. Monica Bellucci – Starred in Dracula, this Italian actress and fashion model plays Dracula’s bride. She is a lock to be on any top 10 list with her attractive looks.

3. Angie Everhart – Starred in Bordello for Blood, this vampire appeared in Playboy, was in FHM top 100 sexiest women. Hard to argue with her credentials even harder to argue with her sexy looks.

2. Jeri Ryan – Starred in Dracula 2000, a former Miss Illinois everything about her is sexy. She is every guy’s desire and deserves her place so high on this list.

1. Salma Hayak – Starred in Dusk till Dawn, she’s a man’s fantasy, we picture her as God’s gift to earth. Her performance was nothing short of legendary, her bikini scene from the movie is in every guy’s mind.

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