Top Ten Best Vampire Television Shows

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

First Aired March 10, 1997 and lasted May 20, 2003 This is my all time favorite TV show. I love Buffy (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), the Scooby Gang and the phrase “In every generation there is a chosen one”. The chemistry between Buffy and Angel was great. It’s a combination of all genres. Brilliantly made and unique. A must watch TV series.

2. Angel

Premiered October 5, 1999 and lasted May 2004 This is a spin off series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The story line is also good. Angel (played by David Boreanaz) being a vampire with a soul decided to go away and ended up in LA where he meets more unique creatures. He started to redeem himself for what he did in the past by helping people. The characters varied and very likeable.

3. Blood Ties

Christina Cox (as Vicki Nelson), police detective turns independent PI and Kyle Schmid (as Henry) a nearly 500-year-old vampire who is trying to stop a demon. They work together in tracking the killer and romance sparks between them. A suspense, romantic and very enjoyable to watch. Very highly recommended show.

4. Moonlight

Premiered September 28, 2007 Stars Alex O’Loughlin (as Mick St. John) who was turned vampire by his wife 60 years ago turned private investigator and Sophia Myles (as Beth Turner) a human who fell in love with a vampire. It’s addictive. Cast has a chemistry and it’s a fantasy drama with an excellent concept, fast paced.

5. True Blood

Premiered September 2008 on HBO Still new but it makes an impact. Many find this TV Series as entertaining. It’s a horror with drama, comedy and sex. Good actors and actress. It stars Anna Paquin (as Sookie Stackhouse) as a telepathic barmaid and Stephen Moyer (as Bill Compton) as a vampire who became Sookie’s friend. It’s the vampire mythology that will be keeping you glued to this show.

6. Forever Knight

Premiered August 1, 1992 and last aired May 1, 1996 A cult sensation. Story of Nick Knight (played by Geraint Wyn Davies) and his quest to redeem himself. Great cast and interesting story line.

7. Kindred: The Embraced

Premiered April 2, 1996 last aired May 8, 1996 The story revolved around the clan-based vampire of San Francisco. This is a prime-time drama by Aaron Spelling. Have a great storyline. Unique Vampire mythology. Each character played their role at the best.

8. Blade

An adaptation for Blade movie. Nice cast. Great story line. It started where the Blade Trinity left off. Definitely a must watch for all hardcore Blade fans.

9. Nick Knight

Story of a good vampire who does not drink human’s blood, a cop who is after a demons, and a vampire that is killing humans.

10. Vampire High

Premiered September 15, 2001 and last aired May 4, 2002 A Canadian television production. Set in Mansbridge Manor boarding school for privileged teens. But during night a vampire trying to cope being a human. Science fiction, mostly for a younger audience.

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