Top Ten “Worst” Vampire Films

Vampire movies are usually on the silly side. While there can be a good story behind a vampire movie, a lot of people have a hard time letting go of the fictitious character who drinks blood for survival and take a movie seriously. For that reason, there is a whole list of movies that have made the top ten worst vampire movies of all time. A lot of them could appear on the top ten best vampire movies of all time, also, depending on the cheesiness of the movie. Here is the list:

10. The Lost Boys–Keifer Sutherland, Corey Haim, a siberian Husky. The boys and their mom move in with their grandpa, and discover the town they are living in is full of vampires. Jason Patric plays the older of the brothers, who is seduced by the vampire cult and begins transforming into a vampire for the sake of a girl. This movie is full of cheesy and corny scenes, including a bathtub scene with Corey Haim.

9. From Dusk til Dawn. George Clooney, Salma Hayak, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis are just a few of the names that line up this all-star cast. Too bad it was one of the worst movies ever made. It starts off as a great action flick–a family is kidnapped by some bad guys, and they head to a bar to hide out for a while. Little did they know it was full of vampires. It changed from a great action flick to a cheesy vampire movie in just a few seconds’ time.

8. Twilight. A lot of people will argue with this one, and while it is one of the worst, it is one of the best, also. Based on the novel by Stephenie Meyers, a young girl moves to Washington to be with her father, and is unknowingly placed next to a beautiful vampire named Edward in school. They fall in love, all the while Edward is trying not to eat her. Great book, cheesy on screen, still love it secretly, but hate how cheesy the movie really is.

7. Interview with a Vampire. Awesome cast on this movie as well–Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Kirsten Dunst–eye candy from the get go. It tells a good story, but there are times when the stupidity of the movie takes over, and I find myself laughing–Tom Cruise’s character catches a rat running across the table, bites it, and drains the blood into a wine glass for Brad Pitt to drink. Interesting, but still stupid.

6. Blackula. The title says it all. An African Prince is cursed by Dracula, and after being confined to a coffin for 200 years, he is set free to roam the streets and find his princess.

5. Blade. Wesley Snipes is a half vampire, half human, who fights his vampire yearnings. He kicks some vampire butt all over town, and falls in love along the way. Great soundtrack, dumb movie.

4. Bordello of Blood. A hot female vampire lures customers into a bordello, where she has an army of insatiable vampires waiting to feast. It is full of gratuitous nudity and blood with no real story behind it. Absolutely terrible.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It turned into a hit television show as well, and is about a cheerleader named Buffy whose path in life is to rid the world of vampires.

2. Vampire’s Kiss. An executive at an advertising agency is bitten by a vampire in his sleep in this cheesy 80’s flick. His behavior becomes stranger and stranger as the vampire continues to come back and feed on his blood while he sleeps. We are left unsure whether he was really experiencing the things in his hallucinations, or if they were just delusions.

1. Once Bitten. This movie is actually a guilty pleasure. It is so silly, but fun, too. Jim Carrey stars as a virgin who is the center of attention to a beautiful vampire who must drink a virgin’s blood to keep her looks.

There it is –a list of the worst vampire movies of all time. Most of them are cheesy, corney, or downright silly, with a bit of eye candy in the mix.

Editor’s Note: Yes, we realize there are a few classic hits on this list, but it was honest, and well informed, –tastes run in a lot of strange directions. Apparently this piece was written by one of those crazy zombie/werewolf fans, and remember, we have to take pity on these people.

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